“The entire purpose of financial planning is to align your use of capital with what’s important to you.”

– Carl Richards
“The Behavior Gap”


Our job at Investment Design is to help coordinate the financial life of our clients. Working on their behalf we help structure a retirement plan, coordinate work with other professionals in their life and make financial transitions through life easier.

What we believe:

• Financial plans provide compounding value.

• Planning should be holistic: protection, estate planning and wealth management.

• Advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to work on their clients behalf.

Comprehensive Financial Planning:

Whether your considering buying your first home or planning for your retirement, together, we’ll create a comprehensive financial plan that includes investment, tax and estate planning strategies.

Succession Planning:

Business owners face the challenge of transferring ownership between partners or to the next generation. A lack of planning can make transfers difficult. IDM will help structure a plan to ensure ownership is passed to partners or family the way you intend. 

Portfolio Management:

Understanding what your portfolio contains, what cost are incurred and how taxes fit into your portfolio/plan is important. IDM will provide a detailed analysis of where you are now and how each of these issues impact decisions moving forward.

What to Expect

Initial Meeting:

This can be done on the phone, video chat or in person. During our time together we will get to know you and you can get to know us. We’ll both want to make sure working together is a good fit.

Financial Analysis:

After our initial meeting we’ll share a questionnaire that will let us get to know your situation more in depth. During our second meeting we’ll do some goal setting, talk about what you want to accomplish, we’ll focus on three big questions:


• Are you on track to reach your long-term goals?

• How can your tax bill be reduced – now, and in the future?

• How can your investments be improved (fees, risk, strategy)?


We’ll review the plan detail together, which includes a comprehensive look at your cash-flow, taxes, estate, and investment strategy.

Value Proposition:

During our last meeting we’ll present our platform, help define what working together looks like and answer any questions that remain. If you’re comfortable with the work that has been done well begin the onboarding process.  

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